Kansas Wildlife Federation

Our Greatest Accomplishments

  • We've protected and increased angler access to dams and fishing grounds across the state.
  • We take the right to hunt seriously, and since our beginning, we've made sure Topeka respects gun rights and the rights of gun owners to use their tools in the field. We also introduced the state's first Hunter Safety Program.
  • We helped protect landowners and hunters alike by working in Topeka to protect landowners from liability suits.
  • Before the Endangered Species Act, KWF protected the emblem of the prairie - the prairie dog - from legalized extinction.
  • We kept the water flowing to Cheyenne Bottoms - one of the most world's best known bird watching places, and an invaluable place for Kansas hunters.
  • We've trained hundreds of kids through the years at our Outdoor Adventure Camps and our Hunting, Fishing, & Furharvesting Schools.
  • We helped reintroduce the Golden Eagle to Kansas with a release program we worked out with the Topeka Zoo, Westar and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

It's an impressive track record, and we're proud of it - and of the support we've received from people like you who've made it possible.

To build on those victories, KWF has picked four program areas that will be our focal points for the next few years. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of potential problems KWF could work on - and the result would be a scattershot, ineffective effort. What follows in these next pages are critical issues facing where we have the strength and expertise to be able to make a difference.

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