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A Look Ahead

Like many advocacy groups, the Kansas Wildlife Federation looks forward to the day when confrontation and litigation won't be a daily part of our lives.

We look forward to the day when we can spend more time outdoors, walking around, breathing clean air, wading in pure water, and generally getting our boots and our fingers dirty - rather than spending our days in meetings and office buildings.

The prairie's decline began because of a worldview that placed humans as separate from nature, and treated our resources as though they could take any treatment we chose forever. We now know this makes as little sense as treating your house as though it were an infinite source of firewood - sooner or later the structure collapses.

We firmly believe that when Kansas fields and streams are protected and restored that this will both mark, and spread, a different view of the world. People who know wildlife well know that it's not just noble, but in our own interests, to have flowing healthy rivers, thriving wetlands, and grasslands under the open sky. Protecting the outdoors is a choice - and making that choice makes us better off in every sense.

Making this happen is going to require intense change - and we must have your help to make it happen. The projects listed in this prospectus won't come about without your support, and the support of people like you. We'd like to ask you to take a moment to think about which of these projects is a good with your beliefs and your priorities. We would be happy to supply you with more information on any of these programs, or more about our goals. We would be even happier to meet with you in person, or better yet, to take you outdoors, and show you what has been lost - and what there is to gain.

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