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Youth Outdoors

The Need
Youth today have a wide variety of options for recreation, but many of them are keep them immobile and inside. Video games and the internet are fun, but they don't put us in touch with nature and they don't keep us physically fit. Additionally, there are a lot of kids these days whose parents don't know how to teach about gun safety, fishing, and wildlife. To raise a generation of children who respect and cherish the land, we need to get kids into the outdoors.

The Solution
For decades, KWF has been working to get kids outside with its Outdoor Adventure Camp and its Hunting Fishing and Furharvesting School. Outdoor Adventure Camp teaches children from ten to twelve years of age the basic concepts behind hunting and fishing, and frequently it's here they catch their first fish! Hunting, Fishing, and FurHarvesting School teaches kids from 12 to 18 not only teaches skills, but also how to take wildlife ethically, so that our graduates become good at this craft in every sense of the word.

Additionally, KWF looks to revive its past tradition of family-oriented fishing tournaments and turkey shoots to give families the most precious of gifts: time together. By bringing youth outdoors and passing on these traditions, we can make sure there's another generation of people who value the land and water.

Contributions to this project will help us maintain and expand these programs, as well as restart the family oriented tournaments.

Getting Adults Outside

The Need
It's said that most Americans will move at least seven times in their lives. Our immensely mobile lifestyle, along with work habits that keep us inside and in the city, means that we often don't know about outdoor opportunities that may be less than an hour away. Even when we get there, we probably don't know - but wish we did - about the kinds of birds, trees, and landscapes that are before us. When voters know about these issues, they care more about them. While environmental education programs are usually aimed at children and youth, we also need to get adults outside and to show them what's at risk.

The Solution
KWF's new adult environmental education efforts will be a volunteer-intensive effort, that will involve building alliances with other non-profits in the state, recruiting volunteer teachers, and getting the word out about the programs, which will include nature walks, basic plant identification, bird identification and as an advanced course, wildlife spotting/tracking.

Gifts to this program will help us reimburse our volunteers for their expenses, and pay for the publicity efforts needed to let people know about these programs and to get attendees in the door - or in this case, out the door!

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