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Thursday, February 3 2005

Interstate Wildlife Violators Compact is in the Senate

Today, the Kansas Wildlife Federation presented testimony in favor of the Interstate Wildlife Violators Compact. This is a bill that would make it possible for Kansas to deny hunting licenses to out of state hunters who are violators in their own states. It also would make it easier for Kansas to enforce hunting laws for non-residents, because essentially, a violation in one state becomes a violation in all of the member states to the compact.

This is a good bill that will help our state’s conservation officers do their jobs more efficiently and protect our state’s resources.

Click here to read the text of the bill. Please note that this is a large Acrobat Reader document.

To read the testimony of KWF in favor of this bill, click on “more”. To find out how you can help this bill go forward, call the KWF office at 785-232-3238 or email to info@kswildlife.org


+ Dan @ 05:41pm

Tuesday, January 25 2005

Some important dates to keep in mind

Here are some upcoming events that will be of interest to the sportsmen and women of Kansas:

  • On Saturday, February 12, KWF will be holding its Annual Meeting and its Conservation Awards Program at the Holidome in Manhattan. The Annual Meeting is open to all current KWF members, and this is where we’ll decide many of our organization’s stands on the issues we’ll face over the next 12 months. This is your organization too, so if you haven’t come to one of our annual meetings before, please come share your ideas.
  • That night, we’ll be having the Conservation Awards Program, which recognizes real life Kansas heroes who have been making a difference in the state. Come share in our celebration of people who are making Kansas an even better place to live.

  • On Tuesday, February 22, we’ll be having the Sportsmen’s Lobby Day. Anyone who’s gone hunting or fishing in Kansas is encouraged to come to Topeka, where we’ll be on the second floor rotunda. Your perspective of the management decisions made by state government officials is important. This is your opportunity to speak up for the outdoors.
  • The Sportsman’s Lobby Day is a joint effort between the Kansas Wildlife Federation, Audubon of Kansas, the Kansas Bowhunters Association, the Kansas chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, the Kansas State Rifle Association, and the Kansas Outfitters Association.

    For more information, call us at the Topeka office at 785-232-3238, or send an email to info@kswildlife.org.

    + Dan @ 08:18pm

    Thursday, June 17 2004

    A Moment of Decision for the Flint Hills

    The Wind and Prairie Task Force’s Final Report is now online. Note that the link goes directly to a 57-page pdf file - use caution if your version of Reader is slow or has some problems.

    The report has some helpful suggestions, but in a way, we’re all right back where we started, with the basic question - “Are we going to industrialize the Flint Hills?” - still up for grabs.

    The Task Force has put two options before the Governor. Option A encourages a moratorium and puts forward tax code changes that would direct commercial wind energy projects to ecologically low impact areas. Option B says we need to study the issue and ask wind power developers to exercise restraint.

    We put up Option A on this site sometime back. This is the path we’d like to the Governor to take.

    If you want to contact the Governor and encourage her to pick Option A, you need to call her and tell her so. Give a shout to the Governor’s office at 1-877-579-6757, and let her know you want her to take action to keep America’s last tallgrass prairie from becoming an industrial development.

    If you’d like to read our letter we sent to the Governor today to ask her to select Option A, click on “more.”

    + Dan @ 11:57am

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