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Tuesday, September 28 2004

Kansas gets walleye ‘Super Bowl’

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The folks in Geary County haven’t just gotten a walleye tournament, they’ve landed the walleye tournament.

This story in the Kansas City Star has the details. The short and sweet version is that the Professional Walleye Trail will hold its 2005 championship tournament at Milford Lake. (If you get a “registration required” screen, use “register@kswildlife.org” as your id and “topeka1″ as your password.)

The last championship brought a crowd of somewhere around 4,000 people, so this should be a good deal for area motels and restaurants.

What brings the championship to Kansas? The great fish landed during the last walleye tournament. Once again, Kansas proves it has world-class resources - the question is whether outdoorsmen and women here will do what it takes to maintain them.

Friday, September 24 2004

NWF: Sportsmen a Bigger Factor Than Ever

Our sister organization in the DC area, the National Wildlife Federation, recently this around to the 47 state affiliates, and it’s very interesting reading on how hunters and anglers are beginning to become important voting groups in elections:


Even before NWF released its poll on the attitudes of hunters and anglers on key conservation issues back in July, members of Congress and even the presidential candidates themselves have been courting sportsmen to a greater extent than in years past. The Bush Administration has issued several executive orders, including one expanding hunting opportunities in wildlife refuges and one announcing the “Cooperative Conservation Conference” would be held next year (see this link for more.) It has launched The Bush Cheney ’04 Sportsmen’s Team site and posted several fact sheets on the Interior Department’s website defending its record.

Meanwhile, Senator Kerry has released his “Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights” and participated in a magazine interviews along with the President. He’s even taken the initiative to call prominent outdoor writers.

For its part, NWF continues call on both presidential candidates - and all politicians for that matter - to address the major conservation issues that are of concern to hunters and anglers, including the impacts of mercury pollution on recreational fishing, the impact of oil and gas development on key wildlife habitat and the continued loss of wetlands due to current government policies. In fact, NWF has just launched a new “Blueprint for the Conservation of America’s Wetlands” that sportsmen’s groups can endorse. Ultimately, members of Congress and other politicians will be asked whether they too support this more ambitious agenda that can truly help protect and restore wetlands.

For more information about the blueprint contact Julie Sibbing at Sibbing@nwf.org.

Thursday, September 23 2004

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Letter to Editor on Proposed Coal Fired Power Plants

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KWF, along with the Conservation Federation of Missouri, are keeping tabs on a proposed complex of four coal-fired power plants north of Kansas City. The original plans have called for two plants on the Kansas side and two plants on the Missouri side.

This letter to the editor neatly spells out the many problems associated with the proposal. Kansas is already 18th in the country in mercury emissions, although we’re 32nd in population.

KWF board member Matt Nowak has been helping to organize opposition to the proposal, and has done some tremendous work. More on this as it makes it way through the planning process.

Friday, September 17 2004

Some Welcome Weeds at Cheyenne Bottoms

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Michael Pearce from the Wichita Eagle writes about the current situation at Cheyenne Bottoms.

When I was out there last, things looked pretty grim - most of the Bottoms looked flat and parched, like a dried-up Nevada lakebed.

But the silver lining to the drought was that staff have been able to burn and then till up the cattails that were infesting the area. Since then, kochia has taken root and this fall, some of the pools will be terrific duck hunting habitat.

Wednesday, September 15 2004

Wind Power Forum In Geary County on Sunday

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Jayne Link sends along this notice of a forum this Sunday, put on by our friends at the Tallgrass Ranchers and Protect the Flint Hills.

Right now, for better or worse, county governments are making the decisions about commercial wind energy in the prairie. Too often, this issue is treated as one of aesthetics, rather than of conservation, ethics, and heritage. This forum should be excellent, and if you live in Geary County, or just care about the county, we’d urge to attend the meeting and find ways to get involved with the decisions your county is making.

Join Us for a Group Discussion about Industrial Wind Developments in the Flint Hills of Kansas.


7:00 PM



Our invited guest speaker is Rose Bacon, who is a rancher from Council Grove. Rose was member of Governor Sebelius’s Wind and Prairie Task Force. A portion of the film ‘Last Stand of the Tall Grass Prairie’ will also be shown, followed by questions and discussion


Though we are zoned Agricultural, an industrial wind development is being planned for a large area between Humboldt Creek and McDowell Creek. If allowed to go through, this installation would change the quality of life forever.

Citizen action can affect the outcome but only if we:

1) Inform Ourselves


2) Make Our Voices Heard


This event is sponsored by the Geary County Chapter of Tallgrass Ranchers and Protect the Flint Hills Organizations. For further information call 785-776-8852.

Friday, September 10 2004

Fancy Creek Range Youth and Disabled Site-in Day

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Bennett Jedlicka sends along this email, announcing a site-in day at a range he works with:

The Fancy Creek Range will open to sponsor a site in day on Thursday, September 23, to check the accuracy of rifles that will be used for used for the Youth and Disabled deer season. This special season will be Sept. 25 and 26, 2004.

Fancy Creek Range is located Tuttle Creek State Park at Randolph, Kansas, and has begun its third year of operation. This range facility has hosted members of the public for enjoyment of shooting rifles, pistols and primitive firearms for the past two years. Events geared toward the area youth have included O.K. Kids Day, Youth Hunter Education Challenge, and merit badge classes for interested scout troops. The past two years have also included hosting several adult special events including the popular Women On Target program.

An active core of volunteers have made the successful operation of this facility possible. The upcoming year includes expanded days of operation. This year, the range is open for the public on all Saturdays in October and November, in addition to year-round first and third weekends and fourth Thursday schedule.

Events planned for this upcoming year include Hunter Safety class live fire, site in days for firearm deer seasons and fun shoots to introduce novice shooters to the shooting sports. Each month several hours are planned to welcome women to participate together in informal competitions.

Fancy Creek is an area of Tuttle Creek State Park and more information may be obtained by calling the park office at 785 539-7941.

Thursday, September 9 2004

Act Now to Go Bowhunting in Leavenworth

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Suburban areas create unbeatable deer habitat - lots of food, plenty of water, lots of places to hide, and almost no predators or hunting pressure.

That’s about to change in Leavenworth, which is kicking off a new bowhunting program in the city, starting October 1st.

There’s always a catch, and the catch here is that you have to attend one of two special orientation sessions. One is being held on September 11th, and one is being held on September 18th. Those interested in the program should call John Goodman at (913) 682-9201. I just got off the phone with John, and the city has a list of landowners he can provide you with, once you get into the orientation.

Property owners are still needed, and if you have a parcel of three acres or more in Leavenworth and want to provide some hunting access, give John a call at the number above.

For more information on the program, you can also visit the City of Leavenworth website.

Outlook For This Fall’s Pheasant Season

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This article from Great Plains Game and Fish has a four-state forecast for pheasant hunting this year. The outlook for Kansas is better than it’s been for awhile, with state biologist Randy Rogers saying we’ve had the best spring breeding season in about four years.

North-central Kansas looks like it’s going to be the state’s hotspot, so grab your WIHA atlas (available at the Department of Wildlife and Parks website) and start making plans.

Friday, September 3 2004

Volunteer Opportunity

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The Kansas Wildlife Federation, in conjunction with Kansas Big Brothers/Big Sisters, is working to put on a Casting Clinic for Kids in El Dorado, on Saturday, September 25. We have just about everything we need, but we need a few more instructors.

Our goal is to teach the good casting form for all kinds of fishing methods, and set these anglers on the right track for terrific presentation.

If you have some time on that Saturday morning and would like to volunteer your services, please email us here in Topeka or call the KWF office at 785-232-3238.

Wednesday, September 1 2004

Hunting, Fishing, & Furharvesting School Enrollments Open

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One of KWF’s most successful programs is our program for kids 12-18, which is intended to help youth further master their basic outdoor skills. Hunting, Fishing, and Furharvesting School has trained hundreds of kids over the years. The 2004 edition is set for October 2-3, at the Rock Springs 4-H Center near Junction City.

Enrollment for this year’s class is now open. The cost is $75 per participant, and each youth must attend with a parent or anoher responsible adult.

This year’s activities and classes include Fishing, Rifle Marksmanship, Furharvesting, Wingshooting, and more. Applications are due September 10. If you want an application form sent to you, contact us here at the KWF office - (785) 232-3238 - or email us at info@kswildlife.org.

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