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Wednesday, December 7 2005

Wildlife at Risk…From the Budget?

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As Congress reconvenes in Washington, D.C. after a Thanksgiving holiday break, one of the first things on the schedule is the deliberation of a massive budget bill that could spell disaster for wildlife and public lands across the U.S.

Both House and Senate passed different versions of a budget last month. Now they must figure out a way to combine the two and put that final bill to one last up-or-down vote.

What is so bad?

* More than 300 million acres of public lands-your public lands-could be sold to developers at bargain-basement prices if a series of mining provisions make it into the final bill, possibly becoming one of the biggest taxpayer rip-offs in a very long time.

* Both budgets cut important Farm Bill conservation programs, which are popular incentives for farmers that encourage them to use wildlife-friendly practices on their lands. More than half of all land in our country is dedicated to agriculture, making the management of farmland very important for wildlife.

* A provision in the Senate budget would open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling, sacrificing one of America’s most wild places for a small bit of oil.

Call or email your senators and your representative.

Urge them to oppose any final budget bill that includes these harmful provisions.

Learn more about the bad things in the two budgets.

Thank you in advance for speaking up on this issue!

The National Wildlife Federation Team


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