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Friday, November 12 2004

Confessions in Whooping Crane shootings

The US Fish & Wildlife Service has announced that it has received confessions from the shooters of two whooping cranes.

The shooters in question were a party of seven people from southwest Kansas, who apparently believed they were shooting at sandhill cranes.

As excuses go, that’s particularly thin. A quote from the LJ World story sums that up:

Jim Kellenberger, a hunting education instructor and retired game warden, said the conditions weren’t an excuse for shooting the birds.

“We teach all the kids in hunter education that you have to identify the target before you pull the trigger,” Kellenberger said. “If you can’t ID something, you just don’t shoot.”

It should be noted that the sandhilll crane season in Kansas has been in place since 1992, and this is the first shooting of whooping cranes in that 12 years.

The Kansas Wildlife Federation is putting together a reward fund for the landowners in this case who turned in the responsible party. If you wish to contribute to the fund, you can mail a check to the KWF office, or give by credit card by calling us here at (785) 232-3238.

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