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Wednesday, February 9 2005

Defending hunting

One of the great things about the Kansas hunting scene is that there’s no real “anti” movement here; we don’t have to worry about PETA or the Humane Society coming into the Legislature and blowing our traditions out.

But as James Swan points out in this column on ESPN Outdoors, that’s not enough all by itself. Just as one example, the Humane Society is on a national campaign to stop archery hunting, and with $95 million to spend, they’ve got the resources to have an impact in more than one state. And I don’t think anyone believes for a second they’ll stop with getting rid of bowhunters.

Nationwide, about 6 percent of the population goes hunting, and yet that small minority funds a great deal of our nation’s habitat and restoration. We need to be a lot better at explaining to the rest of the country about the benefits we bring to America’s outdoors.

Mr. Swan gives some great examples of worthwhile projects that will help us communicate to non-sportsmen about the positive impact we have on the American outdoors. While you’re looking at supporting those, you might also take a moment and check to see if your KWF membership is up to date.

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