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Tuesday, March 1 2005

Mercury exposure lowers IQ, costs US economy billions

Fox News carries this report from the Mount Sinai Center for Children’s Health and the Environment. The report details how each year, hundreds of thousands of babies are born with lower IQs as a result of mercury exposure while in the womb.

The Kansas Wildlife Federation is part of a national coalition of organizations that is pushing the Bush administration to work for more aggressive reduction of mercury emissions from coal-burning power plants. The administration has essentially proposed a 30% reduction, but much higher reductions are possible given current technology. Because of mercury’s effect on unborn children, KWF is particularly making an effort to involve faith-based organizations that haven’t necessarily worked on environmental issues before. So far that’s included the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, the Charismatic Episcopal Church, and Texas Democrats for Life.

The issue is a particular concern for Kansas, as we see more fish consumption warnings go up across the state. While Kansas is only 32nd in population, we are 19th in mercury emissions. Yet the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s web page manages not to mention emissions, instead treating it as a household hazard.

To find out how you can become involved in protecting children from mercury exposure, call us here at 785-232-3238, or email to info@kswildlife.org.

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