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Thursday, May 5 2005

EPA modifies Kansas water quality standards

Kansas, if you don’t know, has some of the lowest water quality in the nation in our streams and rivers. The official standard for most of the streams and rivers in the state is “Class C, non-recreational contact,” and the government’s goal, the standard we are striving towards, is that you should have a 12% chance of getting sick when you come into contact with the water.

Those regulations were put together by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, with extensive consultation from the Kansas Farm Bureau the general public.

This week, the United States Environmental Protection Agency released the news that is has mostly approved the Kansas water quality standards, with one important exception. Certain creeks and streams are not exempted from water quality standards during “high flow” events. That’s a critical modification, given that these high flow events are washing down cattle waste that has piled up in watersheds.

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