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Thursday, August 25 2005

Record tuna also sets mercury record

For all of the excuses and finger pointing that goes on with mercury, a few things are clear: one is that mercury levels are increasing in local waters, and another is that human sources of mercury get the blame.

While the effect is unknown for deep-sea fish, fish from coastal waters are certainly accumulating mercury in great quantities. As one example, the Delaware News Journal carries this article on a record-breaking tuna, which came in on the scale at 873 pounds. (And imagine that fight!)

Perhaps not surprisingly, the fish also carried a new level of mercury contamination. The quote from the article:

The mercury also was nearly twice the highest level of mercury ever found by the FDA in fresh or frozen tuna steaks….

As always, pregnant women and small children should probably minimize fish consumption, especially for critters high on the food chain, such as tuna and swordfish.

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