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Thursday, May 13 2004

Californians Come to Kansas

Interesting and fun story from the LA Daily News: a 12-year old boy from Pasadena gets his bird in the Governor’s Turkey Hunt. Take a look at the story; Tim Hoffman didn’t just get a 19-pounder in the one shot event. He also won the National Wild Turkey Federation’s youth writing contest, along with some nice prizes, with this essay.

Two things that pop out at me here. One is that I don’t know about you, but I didn’t have a week like that when I was twelve. What a go-getter kid! The other is that I know there is good hunting in California. If someone’s willing to bring his kids to Kansas from there, that says a lot about what we have here. It’s too bad more Kansans (like many in the Legislature, for instance) don’t realize what a special place we have.

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