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Monday, August 2 2004

Zebra Mussels Now in Oklahoma

The news on zebra mussels continues to be bad, as everyone’s least favorite invasive species has moved 60 miles downstream from Kansas into Oklahoma’s Kaw Reservoir. As you probably know, zebra mussels displace native wildlife, disrupt the food chain, and can play havoc with mechanical systems.

Here are two quotes from the article that I found staggering:

This one, in reference to El Dorado:

Larval mussels, called veligers, were recently found in every water sample taken at the 17,000-acre lake.

This one refers to the speed with which an infestation can take place:

Tests done six weeks ago showed no signs of zebra mussels [in the Kaw Reservoir]. Tests done within the last two weeks showed them lakewide.

So what can be done? Boater education is one important part of the job. If you have speakers on your computer, we highly recommend the KDWP streaming video about zebra mussels.

This video shouldn’t require special software to view, and has some great information about how to treat your boat to prevent from spreading the invaders. It also has some great pictures of just how small these things are - you can see how they get into small pipes and foul up the works.

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