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Tuesday, September 28 2004

Kansas gets walleye ‘Super Bowl’

The folks in Geary County haven’t just gotten a walleye tournament, they’ve landed the walleye tournament.

This story in the Kansas City Star has the details. The short and sweet version is that the Professional Walleye Trail will hold its 2005 championship tournament at Milford Lake. (If you get a “registration required” screen, use “register@kswildlife.org” as your id and “topeka1″ as your password.)

The last championship brought a crowd of somewhere around 4,000 people, so this should be a good deal for area motels and restaurants.

What brings the championship to Kansas? The great fish landed during the last walleye tournament. Once again, Kansas proves it has world-class resources - the question is whether outdoorsmen and women here will do what it takes to maintain them.

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