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Dave & Mary Hendricks to host 2013 Agroforestry Field Day in Trego County, Kansas

                                     Photo Credit: K-State Research and Extension
On May 8, the Kansas Forest Service will host the 2013 Agroforestry Field Day in Trego County to educate participants on current issues facing agroforestry in Kansas. 
The field day, located near Wakeeney, Kan. on the farm of Dave and Mary Hendricks, will focus on the wildlife habitat the Hendricks have created through planting and renovating windbreaks and establishing native grass and wildflower plantings.  Suggestions on row removal, selective thinning, watering and establishing additional tree rows will be provided. 
The Hendricks are known throughout western Kansas for their wildlife habitat and conservation achievements.   The couple will be recognized by the Kansas Forestry Association and the Kansas Forest Service as recipients of the 2013 Kansas Agroforestry Award.  The award is presented to landowners who do an exceptional job implementing agroforestry practices on their property such as riparian forest buffers and shelterbelts. David is also on the Board of Directors of the Kansas Wildlife Federation.
For further details visit the K-State Research and Extension News<http://www.ksre.ksu.edu/news/story/agro_forestry041813.aspx>