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Kansas Wildlife Federation receives Savage Rascal rifles.

These youngsters are shooting the Savage Rascal rifles that the “Kansas Wildlife Federation” recieved from a grant from the Friends of the  N.R.A. at the Lake Afton Hunter Education Clinic in Wichita Kansas.  The Lake Afton Clnic this year enrolled 760 students and tested 720 on Sunday.  The kids really liked the Rascal rifles.  They commented that they liked the peep sight better than the open sights on the other rifles. The instructors said it is easyer to explain a peep sight than it is open sights.  The K.W.F. is making these rifles available for Hunter Education, plus they will be used at the Outdoor Adventure Camp the first week of June. 

Great Plains Nature Center Invites Youth Submissions for Book

Kansas Critters gives youth a chance to become published artists or writers

The Great Plains Nature CenterWichita, is seeking submissions for an educational book entitled Kansas Critters: Wet ‘N Wild; A Wildlife Book Written and Illustrated by Kansas Kids. The book, which is modeled after several other popular “Kansas Critters” books, will be available next summer and will focus on 27 species of wetland animals found in Kansas.

Kansas youth K-8 attending public, private or home schools are eligible to participate and may submit poems, drawings, facts, paintings, stories, sketches, and more. All entries must be submitted no later than Feb. 15, 2014 to the Great Plains Nature Center

6232 E. 29th St. NWichitaKansas 67220


Submissions must fall under one of the three categories listed below. Participants may submit one entry in each category. All submissions must be the entrant’s original work. Participants whose entries are selected will be invited to a special awards ceremony and reception at the Great Plains Nature Center.

Group 1

People enjoying wetlands activities such as fishing, hunting, boating, photography, or nature observation. Species: green-winged teal, plains minnow, channel catfish, diamondback water snake, common snapping turtle, bullfrog, mapleleaf mussel, or Graham’s crayfish snake.

Group 2

Species: beaver, white-fronted goose, bluegill, Topeka shiner, great blue heron, painted turtle, plains leopard frog, floater mussel, halloween pennant dragonfly.

Group 3

Species: mink, mallard, orangethroat darter, largemouth bass, American avocet, red-eared slider, kingfisher, northern crayfish, or black-crowned night heron.

For more information, visit www.gpnc.org, or contact program coordinator Lorrie Beck at (316) 683-5499, ext. 108.

This project is made possible by generous grants from The Lattner Family Foundation,

Cargill Cares, the Kansas Health Foundation and the Wichita Cultural Funding Committee.