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Cicada by Texas Eagle

Cicada by Texas Eagle

Cicada:   Photo Credit: Texas Eagle

Their eyes are prominently set on the anterior lateral corners of their head (plus three additional tiny eyes between them). Their sturdy wings have conspicuous veins. Male cicadas make a loud mating sound that is not stridulation (as is produced when crickets or katydids move body parts together). Instead, male cicadas have a special modified exoskeleton on their anterior abdomen called a tymbal. Internal muscles can buckle the tymbals inwards to generate a clicking sound. When these muscles relax, the tymbals bow outward to their original position making another click. Some species of cicada can generate sounds up to 120 decibles. This sound can cause pain in the human ear; and, make it difficult for predators like birds to communicate in groups. If the sounds of the male are successful, mating will occur and the female deposits her eggs into a slit in the bark of a tree. After the eggs hatch, the nymphs fall to the ground and burrow to a depth of 1-8 feet. The nymphs live underground for most of their lives where they drink sap from roots of plants. The annual species we see and hear in Kansas trees in mid-to-late summer emerge from the ground in a year. Some emerge at the end of a seventeen-year cycle in greater numbers. In the final nymphal instar, nymphs emerge above ground, attach to a nearby plant or wooden fence post and molt (shed their skins) to become adults. Their abandoned and vacated exoskeleton remains left behind.

Kayaking Orientation

Kansas Canoe & Kayak Ass

Who: 2014 KCKA (Kansas Canoe and Kayak Association) Fall Rendezvous

When:  Sept 20 & 21th, 2014

Where: Elk City Lake/Card Creek Campground/Corp of Engineers

Look for our Banner and lots of kayaks

*************NEW FIRST TIME EVENT***************

We are excited to offer:

                                “Intro to Kayaking Orientation”. 


Who: OPEN to the public, all ages welcome,

Cost: Free

When: Sept 20, 4:00-5:00 pm

Where: Elk City Lake, Card Creek Campground/Corp of Engineers

-An OUT OF WATER EVENT that will orient people to the different genre of kayaking:  (fishing, recreational, transitional, touring, racing, sea kayaking, whitewater).

-Safety gear needed with demonstration

-How to transport a boat

-What to look for when buying a boat

-Types of paddles and paddling tips

-Opportunity to sit in all types of boats (OUT OF WATER ONLY)

-Meet fun & like minded people from KCKA that enjoy paddling.

For more information about the KCKA please contact: [email protected] and visit our website at http://www.kansascanoe.org/