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President signs Duck Stamp bills into law

From The Birding Wire


In a major win for wetlands and waterfowl conservation, President Obama has signed into law both the Duck Stamp Act of 2014 and a bill making the federal duck stamp permanently available for purchase online.

“It’s great that both Republicans and Democrats can come together to pass legislation of such importance to conservation efforts nationwide,” said Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall. “The additional duck stamp funding provided by waterfowl hunters and other conservationists will not only conserve critical habitat, but will also help ensure the future of our waterfowling traditions.”

Since 1991 – the last time the price of the duck stamp was increased – its purchasing power has declined due to inflation and rising land costs. The Duck Stamp Act of 2014 will build on this program’s long tradition of helping to conserve vital waterfowl habitat across America, especially in the Prairie Pothole Region, one of the continent’s most important production areas.

Along with the Duck Stamp Act of 2014, President Obama also signed into law the Permanent Electronic Duck Stamp Act, which will allow people to purchase the duck stamp online. Physical stamps will still be mailed to buyers, but the online proof of purchase provides new convenience to sportsmen and women by immediately fulfilling the requirement of possessing a stamp to hunt waterfowl. After 45 days, the proof of purchase expires and purchasers must carry the traditional paper stamp when hunting waterfowl.

“Anyone with an internet connection and a credit card can now purchase federal duck stamps from the comfort of their own home,” said Kellis Moss, DU’s director of public policy. “State hunting and fishing licenses have been available online for years, and this is one more step in making waterfowl hunting more accessible to everyone.”

Kansas Native Plant Society scholarship available

The Kansas Native Plant Society (KNPS) is accepting applications for a $1,000 scholarship in support of graduate student research that enhances our understanding of native plant species or their ecosystems and conservation.  This scholarship is open to all graduate students regularly enrolled in a Kansas college or university.  Proposals must be technically sound and directly applicable to our priorities in Kansas.

A complete proposal shall include the application form, two letters of support from the student’s major professor and/or advisors, and copies of your college/university transcripts. The application form includes a project description, time line, budget, career goals, and a statement of your interest in plants.

Proposals will be assessed based on the merits of the proposed project and how well they fit the objectives of the scholarship. The budget will not be used as a basis for assessing or ranking proposals.

Reviewers will consist of scientists and non-scientists, so keep your narrative readable to a wide audience. The KNPS Awards Committee will review applications and announce results in mid-April.

Awardees will receive recognition at the KNPS annual meeting. They will also be recognized in the KNPS newsletter and on the KNPS website.

Successful applicants will agree to include the following acknowledgement in all publications resulting from research supported under this program: “The Kansas Native Plant Society provided partial support for this work.”

The deadline for receipt of proposals is March 15, 2015. Award recipients will be notified by April 15, 2015.

Mary A. Bancroft Scholarship contains the application and more information about the scholarship.

This 2015 Scholarship Request for Proposal (PDF) can be downloaded & printed.