Attract Wildlife to Your Yard

Imagine a serene garden on a crisp, sunny autumn day—a beautiful cardinal snacks on berries, a tiny hummingbird stops by for a drink and a cheerful chickadee alights on a nearby branch.

This peaceful scene can be your yard this season!

Create an official Certified Wildlife Habitat® site to experience all of the natural beauty the season has to offer everyday—right in your own backyard.

Follow these helpful tips to create an autumn oasis, and then be sure to certify your habitat so you can begin receiving all of your great benefits (see sidebar for details):

Welcome migrating monarchs and other butterflies. These graceful beauties will love to visit late-blooming native plants like coneflowers, asters and goldenrods.

Leave the leaves. Rake fallen leaves into beds to create natural mulch that will protect your plants through the winter, conserve water and enhance the soil.

Provide a cozy abode for wildlife looking for a winter home. Create a brush pile with branches and other vegetation to attract all types of animals, from chipmunks to lizards, looking for shelter.

Berries provide color to your yard and food for birds. In late summer and fall, many trees and shrubs produce berries that are essential fuel for migratory wildlife fattening up for hibernation or to survive winter temperatures.

You don’t have to wait until spring to begin enjoying a beautiful, colorful garden teeming with wildlife.

Turn your yard into a Certified Wildlife Habitat® site today and start experiencing all that autumn has to offer! Go to: