Basin Advisory Committee Vacancies Open

For more than 20 years Basin Advisory Committees (BAC) have been a vital voice for water resource issues in Kansas. BACs are citizen advisory groups who provide insight, track issues and alert the Kansas Water Office (KWO) and Kansas Water Authority (KWA) when areas of concern arise in any of the 12 river basins located in Kansas.  

            I am the water resource planner for the Kansas – Lower Republican and the Missouri basin advisory committees. Both committees currently have a vacancy in the Fish and Wildlife category, with no applicants. I am hoping you could forward this email with the attached link to the application to your members in the northeast part of the state. Applicants should live in the basin for which they apply. The application includes a map of the basin.

            Kansas – Lower Republican River:

            Missouri River

            If you, or any interested member, has any questions please feel free to give me a call at 785-296-0865, or email Margaret Fast at [email protected]