Don’t let our Nation’s Heritage be sold to the Highest Bidder

I am writing today because the American West is facing a modern day land grab threatening public lands and wildlife from bighorn sheep to native cutthroat trout.

Proposals for state take-over of our public lands are currently cropping up across the West. We must act today to protect this vast wildlife habitat and maintain our access to public lands.

Act today to say America’s lands are not for sale.

Transferring control of national lands to the states is unconstitutional, costly, unpopular and most importantly would jeopardize millions of acres of land that belong to all Americans.

Allowing the states to take over control of some of America’s most coveted wild places will threaten access for hiking, hunting, fishing or simply having the opportunity to watch wildlife.

If proposals for states to take control of public lands advance, sportsmen and women could be locked out or forced to pay high access fees, fundamentally affecting enjoyment of America’s great outdoors. Even worse, public lands could be sold off and privatized, making them forever off limits to the public.

Act now to keep public lands in public hands.

Not only are public lands America’s great outdoors, they also provide vital habitat to a host of beloved species including: big horn sheep, elk, mule deer and the Greater sage-grouse.

These open, undeveloped lands and wildlife habitat have been crucial in the conservation and restoration of wildlife for nearly a century.

It is crucial we strive to protect the best and most threatened habitat in order to ensure the continued preservation of fish, wildlife and the places they call home.

By taking action today you can join the unified voices of sportsmen and women, outdoor recreation enthusiasts, and the conservation community in opposing state proposals to take over America’s great outdoors.

Speak today in support of the preservation of our national heritage and wildlife habitat.

Thank you for all you do for our public lands and the fish and wildlife that call them home.

Meg Morris

NWF Sportsmen Outreach Coordinator

[email protected]

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