Driver’s license, wildlife checkpoints planned

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism (KDWPT) game wardens, Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) troopers and county sheriff’s officers will conduct joint highway checkpoints at various locations on Sunday, November 13, 2016. Upland bird, deer and migratory bird seasons will be underway, and these checkpoints are intended to help enforce state and federal wildlife laws, as well as the state’s driver’s licensing laws.

Depending on the location, KHP troopers or county sheriff’s officers will operate the first stage of the checkpoints to be sure drivers are properly licensed to be driving. If a driver does not have a valid license, appropriate enforcement actions will be taken. Travelers should not expect major delays from this portion of the checkpoints.

Occupants of vehicles in the first check lane will be asked if they are hunters or are transporting wildlife. Travelers answering yes in either case will be directed to a nearby KDWPT check lane where game wardens will check for required licenses and permits, count the game and gather biological, harvest, and hunter success information. This portion of the checkpoints should also cause minimal delay.

The following locations may be used if weather conditions and manpower allow:

Central Kansas – game wardens and KHP troopers

US-81 near milepost 161, Ottawa County

US-56 & K-46 intersection, McPherson County

K-156 near milepost 165, Ellsworth County

US-36 & K-14 intersection, Jewell County

K-156 & US-56 intersection, Pawnee County

US-281 & K-4 intersection, BartonCounty

Southeast Kansas – game wardens, KHP troopers, Woodson and Greenwood County sheriff’s officers

US-54 rest area near the Greenwood/Woodson county line, Greenwood County

US-400 rest area near the Greenwood/Butler county line, Greenwood County

US-75 rest area north of Yates Center, Woodson County

Western Kansas – game wardens and Ford County sheriff’s officers

US-50 near milepost 127.5, Ford County

US-400 near milepost 127.5, Ford County

US-400 near milepost 139, Ford County

US-54 near milepost 88, Ford County

US-283 near milepost 37, Ford County

Additional wildlife checkpoints will occur around the state during the fall and winter hunting seasons.