Floatline Fishing Season Going on Now

Floatline fishing season runs July 15 – September 15

A rather new form of fishing in Kansas, floatline fishing was introduced throughout the state in select bodies of water just four short years ago. Since then, it has annually attracted a small but steady community of about 500 channel cat anglers who participate in the two-month-long season.

From July 15 through September 15, sunrise to sunset, anglers can enjoy floatline fishing at Hillsdale, Council Grove, Tuttle Creek, Kanopolis, John Redmond, TorontoWilson, and Pomona reservoirs. A floatline permit, available for $2.50, is required.

Also referred to as jug fishing, floatline fishing consists of a placing a floating device in the water that has been fitted with a line, hook, and weight. The floating device then suspends the hook in the water, via the line and weight. When the floating device, or jug, moves, you’ve got a bite.

Anglers are allowed no more than eight floatlines. All floatlines must be under immediate supervision of the angler and must be removed from the water when fishing ceases. All float material shall be constructed only from plastic, wood, or foam and shall be a closed-cell construction. A “closed cell” construction shall mean a solid body incapable of containing water.

For more information on floatline fishing, visit and click “Fishing/Fishing Regulations.”