Have You Seen a Prairie-chicken Lek this Spring?

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) is collecting opportunistic prairie-chicken lek observations again this year across Kansas. If you can help in this effort it would be greatly appreciated. Below are instructions for submitting a lek observation. Please share this link with other folks who you feel can help in this effort.
Chicken Lek Reporting Instructions
If you observe a prairie-chicken lek (display site) this spring please report your observation into KDWPT’s online database (link below). If you report a lek you will need to know the geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the display site, which you can collect with either a GPS unit or by referencing a map. The location data and the date of observation are the only required information when reporting a lek. Other data will be accepted if you can gather it [e.g. bird count and species presence (greater and/or lesser prairie-chickens)].
The data from this effort are extremely important to the department because they help target prairie-chicken conservation programs and provide siting recommendations to energy developers. Your help will ensure that KDWPT is using the best possible data to make those decisions.
Reporting a Prairie-chicken Lek Observation:
If you have any questions, contact Jim Pitman, KDWPT’s Small Game Coordinator 620-342-0658.