Help weary wildlife migrants the May

The National Wildlife Federation has these suggestions to help migratory wildlife:

May is the perfect time to garden for wildlife in your yard since so many species are returning to the United States after a long winter. Some birds and butterflies will travel thousands of miles this spring and are looking for a place to rest and refuel.

Since May is Garden for Wildlife Month, now is the perfect time to get your garden ready to welcome these weary migrants!

Hummingbirds: Some rufous hummingbirds will fly more than 2,000 miles this spring. After wintering in Southern Mexico and Central America, the ruby-throated hummingbird returns to the United States often times by flying over the Gulf of Mexico. After a flight that long, they’ll be looking for a place to refuel. Attract them with red, tubular flowers to offer nectar.

Warblers: Dozens of species of warblers migrate through the United States this spring throughout April and May. Some species of this beautiful bird are thought to be declining, likely because of habitat loss in their wintering habitat. Once they return to the United States, you can welcome them with a place to get a quick drink or a suet feeder to supplement the insects they primarily eat.

Monarch: The majestic monarch can travel hundreds or thousands of miles, guided only by an internal “compass” that shows them the way. Monarchs have been declining in recent years due to habitat loss, climate change and a reduction in their favorite food, milkweed. Because it’s also a host plant for monarch caterpillars, planting milkweed is a great way to ensure these beauties call your yard home.

This is a critical time for so many species. A great way to ensure you are doing your part for birds, butterflies and other wildlife is to turn your yard, garden or balcony into an official Certified Wildlife Habitat® site! When you do, you’ll be providing wildlife with the elements crucial to their survival. And if you certify before May 31, we’ll plant a tree in your honor to celebrate Garden for Wildlife Month.

Benefits of Certification:

♦ Personalized certificate

♦ Listing in NWF’s National Registry of certified habitats

♦ One year membership to NWF*

♦ 6 bi-monthly issues of National Wildlife© magazine

♦ Eligibility to purchase beautiful yard signs

♦ Limited time offer: A tree planted in your honor!

Thanks for doing your part for the neighborhood wildlife that need you. Certify today!