Jamestown Wildlife Area Waterfowl Tour Sept. 6

Day to feature field seminar and question and answer session

On Sept. 6, Jamestown Wildlife Area managers will hold the traditional Jamestown Waterfowl Information night, with a twist. Instead of meeting in a classroom with presentations, pictures, graphs, and tables on current habitat conditions, interested hunters and outdoor enthusiasts are invited to Jamestown Wildlife Area to see the conditions first hand.

Jamestown Wildlife Area is 12 miles northwest of Concordia, near Jamestown. From Jamestown, go 2.5 miles north on Cloud County Road 765, turn west on Wagon Road for one mile, turn north on 30 Road for one mile, then turn west on Republic Road for another mile and follow the road north around the curve for about a mile to the intersection of Marsh Trail and 30 Road to 299 Marsh Trail.

A driving tour will begin at 6 p.m. from the area headquarters and return at 7:30 p.m. for a short presentation and question and answer session.

Attendees will see the challenges of management in 2012, how water is moved and held in various pools, and the habitat conditions expected for this upcoming season. This will be an excellent opportunity for the public to get a sneak peak before the teal season opener on Sept. 8. Managers will discuss expected waterfowl numbers and Central Flyway habitat conditions, as well as 2012-2013 season dates and bag limits.

For more information, phone the area office at 785-439-6243.

To view a slideshow of the Jamestown Wildlife Area click on the Photo Gallery in the side menu of the KWF website.