Kansas Backyard Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program

This program is sponsored by the Chickadee Checkoff of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism and the Kansas Wildlife Federation.

       This program was initiated in 1985 to help homeowners improve their backyards for wildlife. Kansans share a common interest — they enjoy watching wildlife. Surveys show a large majority of Kansans annually participate in wildlife watching activities. Many people have developed their backyards or other associated areas for attracting wildlife to help satisfy this desire. This may be as easy as adding a few select shrubs and a watering area or it might be as complex as establishing native prairie, trees, shrubs and a small pond. The possibilities are as numerous as the number of backyards and other areas in cities and towns throughout Kansas. 

You can apply to certify your backyard by using an application: KS Backyard Wildlife Habitat

If you manage for wildlife in your backyard, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism would like to give you credit through the Backyard Wildlife Habitat Certification Program. This program gives recognition to citizens who improve living conditions for wildlife on their property. The Backyard Wildlife Habitat Certification Program is not restricted to home owners. Residents of high-rise apartment balconies and places of business can apply also.
Just follow the directions on the back of this brochure and send it to the Pratt Operations Office with $5. Once approved, you will receive a handsome certificate and an attractive sign to display in your yard. Your name will be included on future mailing lists for special backyard wildlife materials. Good luck with your efforts!