Kansas Geology as Landscape Art: Interpretation of Geology from Artistic Works

Kansas River, by Louis Copt (2005) (oil)

Kansas River, by Louis Copt (2005) (oil)

The Kansas Geological Survey has a fascinating report on how many regional artists have portrayed the geology of Kansas faithfully and with realism.

The report is by by
Daniel F. Merriam, John R. Charlton, and William, W. Hambleton demonstrate how to interpret geology in their landscapes using eight prominent regional artists, Louis Copt, J. Steuart Curry, Raymond Eastwood, Phil Epp, J.R. Hamil, Stan Herd, Birger Sandzén, and Robert Sudlow. The written report along with wonderful Kansas landscape art is available at or search the Kansas geological Survey for Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2006-11.

There is also a pdf of just the artwork at kas06.pdf