Kansas Outdoor Recreation Survey 2013

State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan seeks public input

As part of the State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP), the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism is providing a forum and survey to learn more about what park-goers want. Public input is desired on topics including managed park use, issues and needs, and the types of experiences park-goers hope to have in the future.

Public input gathered from the forum will be shared with the State Outdoor Recreation Plan Advisory Committee at their September meeting. The online forum, moderated by Dr. Sid Stevenson of Kansas State University, will focus on four topics during specific time frames:

June 21-July 4: Which outdoor recreation facilities are most in need of renovation or replacement at state and federal parks in Kansas to best enhance outdoor recreation experiences? Specific examples are welcomed.

July 5-July 18: Share a story of a meaningful outdoor recreation experience that you or your family had in Kansas and how the site where that experience took place contributed.

July 19-Aug. 1: Which of the following local outdoor recreation experiences would you like most to be within walking distance of your home (if you live in town)? Trails, picnic areas, sports venues, natural areas, playgrounds, etc.

Aug. 2-Aug. 15: Improved access to natural outdoor experiences, particularly those that are water-based, is important for urban dwellers. Please provide suggestions on how this can best be achieved and examples of success stories.

The Kansas Outdoor Recreation Needs and Issues survey, which is being offered in conjunction with the forum, will assist outdoor recreation planners and agency decision makers in developing strategies to address important issues facing outdoor recreation in Kansas over the next five to 10 years. Participants should expect to take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete the survey.

SCORP serves as a vision for outdoor recreation in Kansas. It is designed to meet the requirements of the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965 (LWCF) which requires states to have an approved State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan on file with the National Park Service.

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