Kansas Wildlife Federation Calls for Nominations

Conservation Achievement Program award nomination deadline Dec. 15

You know someone who has volunteered countless hours towards a particular wildlife project or someone who has devoted themselves beyond normal expectations for conservation. It is important for conservationist to give credit to those who deserve it. It demonstrates that we hold these activities in high regard and gives some appreciated recognition to folks who work very hard for something they love. Do your part and consider those you work with or know who have performed beyond the call of duty, someone who deserves to be recognized for their contributions to Kansas’ wildlife. Let’s not let them go unrecognized for their dedication and sacrifices.

            CAP award categories include Land and Soil Conservation, Youth Conservationist, Conservation Communicator, Conservation Educator, Wildlife Conservationist, Water Conservationist, Conservation Legislator, Conservation Farmer/Rancher, Forestry Conservationist, Stream Team Conservationist, Outdoor Skills Instructor, Conservation Organization, and Conservationist of the Year. Awards will be presented at KWF’s annual banquet, which is scheduled for Feb. 23, 2013 in Emporia.

Please make an effort to identify folks who have made special efforts for wildlife in 2012. Those who have received Conservation Achievement Program (CAP) awards in the past can attest to the pride they felt in being bestowed such a noteworthy recognition. Do your part and make certain we recognize those most deserving at the CAP banquet.

            To nominate someone simply e-mail a nomination of 2,000 words (more or less) to [email protected]. Make sure you put full contact information for yourself and the nominee, including mailing and e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Do it now!

             Thanks for your help with this very noteworthy program for wildlife conservation in KansasFor more information, phone 620-672-7289 or email [email protected]. Get your nominations to us by December 15.