Kansas Wildscape Foundation Challenges Kids to get Outdoors

Resident youth can win cool prizes for being active outside through WildLifer Challenge Program

For a lot of youngsters, summer can mean unlimited video games, all-day snacking, and 24/7 air conditioning – it’s a time to sit back, relax, and do a whole lot of nothing. In an effort to buck the status quo and redefine area youths’ perceptions of what summer should be like, the Kansas Wildscape Foundation is hosting the 2013 Kansas WildLifer Challenge Program. This program is designed to get youth active, outdoors, and engaged in all the wonderful outdoor fun that Kansas has to offer ­– no electrical outlet needed.

In order to be dubbed as an official Kansas WildLifer, participants are required to complete a total of 15 outdoor challenges from an approved list of 20 activities. They are then required to take a picture of themselves completing the task and answer a few questions regarding their experience. Some challenges may take an hour, while others may take an entire day. Activities include things like pitching a tent, planting a tree, hiking a trail, shooting a 20-yard target, enrolling in a Kansas hunter education course, bird watching, catching a fish or even something as simple as getting muddy.

Challenges can be completed simultaneously when possible, and can be done outside the state as long as the participant is a Kansas resident. The program is free, and there is no age limit or participant limit per household.

Participants who successfully complete the program will receive an official WildLifer t-shirt, poster, certificate of completion, sticker and car decal to proudly proclaim their accomplishment. The first 500 participants to successfully complete 15 of the 20 approved activities will win an exclusive Coleman gear pack in addition to the aforementioned prizes.

For more information on the WildLifer Challenge, or to register a participant,