Migrating Waterfowl Bring Flocks of Hunting Opportunities

Daily bag limits increased for dark and light geese for 2013 seasons

“More is better” isn’t always true in a lot of instances, but for waterfowl hunters this season, “more” is a beautiful thing. New regulations now allow hunters to harvest greater quantities of waterfowl than ever before, increasing Canadageese bag limits from three to six birds, and light geese bag limits from 20 to 50 birds. Possession limits on all migratory birds was increased from two times the daily bag limit to three times the daily bag limit. The daily bag limit for ducks remained at six, but the number of scaup that may be included in the daily limit was reduced from three to two.

Oct. 26, 2013 is a big day for waterfowl hunters, marking the opening day of goose season, the first day of the Low Plains Late Zone season for ducks, and the first day of youth season in the Low Plains Southeast Zone. White-fronted geese may be hunted Oct. 26-Dec. 29, 2013 and Feb. 1-Feb. 9, 2014. The daily bag limit for white-fronted geese is two birds, and possession limit is six. Canada geese and light geese may be hunted Oct. 26-Nov. 3, 2013 AND Nov. 6-Feb. 9, 2014.The daily bag limit on Canada geese is six, possession limit is 18. The daily bag limit on light geese is 50, and there is no possession limit. The Low Plains Late Zone for ducks will run Oct. 26-Dec. 29, AND Jan. 18-Jan. 26, 2014. Following the Low Plains Late Zone, waterfowl hunters in the Low Plains Southeast Zone may hunt Nov. 2-3, 2013 AND Nov. 16, 2013-Jan. 26, 2014. Youth season the Low Plains Southeast Zone will run Oct. 26-27, 2013.

The daily bag limit for ducks is six, which may include no more than five mallards, of which only two may be hens; two redheads; three wood ducks; three scaup; two pintails; and two canvasbacks.

Following regular goose seasons, hunters may hunt light geese during a special conservation period Feb 10-April 30, 2014. During the Light Goose Conservation Order there is no bag or possession limit. In addition, hunters will be allowed to use unplugged shotguns and electronic calls and take light geese from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset during the period of the conservation order.

Although not as widely sought-after as geese and ducks, sandhill cranes may be hunted from Nov. 6 2013-Jan 2, 2014 with a valid federal permit. All sandhill crane hunters must take an online crane identification test each year before obtaining a permit. The test can be found by visiting and clicking “Hunting/Migratory Birds/Sandhill Crane.” The daily bag limit on sandhill cranes is three birds, with a possession limit of nine. Quivira and Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge are closed to crane hunting.

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