Nebraska Expands Platte River Fish Salvage Area

The portion of the Platte River open to fish salvage has been extended upstream. It now includes the river from U.S. Highway 183 near Elm Creek downstream to its confluence with the Loup River below the U.S. Highway 81 bridge south of Columbus.

That portion of the river is experiencing a fish die-off due to low water flows and high water temperatures. Several species of fish have been found dead and dying.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will allow the harvest of stranded fish of all species in the designated area by any method, except electricity, explosives, poisons, chemicals, other fish toxicants, firearms, and seines or nets other than legal baitfish seines, dip, or landing nets through July 31.

Other legal methods of fishing include snagging, hand fishing, spearing and archery. All daily bag limits will be maintained, but length limits will be rescinded for this area during this period. Salvaged fish cannot be sold or used for stocking purposes into either public or private water bodies.

Anglers are having good success with rod and reel for channel catfish above and below the designated area of the Platte. Since most of the river is on private land, anglers must obtain permission to enter on foot or all-terrain vehicle.