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On April 13, 2009, former Governor Kathleen Sebelius signed  Executive Order 09-02 creating the Kansas Coalition for Children in Nature  (KCCN). The KCCN was formed to foster Kansas youth's appreciation of the  outdoors   "Kansas is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and  this coalition will work to make sure Kansas children experience all that our  state has to offer," Sebelius said. "Environmental education is the  first step toward helping our children learn to protect and preserve our  planet."               The KCCN will promote outdoor learning experiences and  environmental education for the young people of Kansas and provide ongoing  support for these endeavors.               Subsequent to the signing of the Executive Order, Governor Mark  Parkinson appointed conveners and outlined the tasks for the KCCN.               The conveners established three work groups to create plans  addressing the following outcomes: Environmental  Education - formal learning experiences for children in a variety of  settings. Outdoor  Experiences and Recreation - experiences that include play,  recreation, exploration, etc. Health - time  and access to nature and relationships to children's health.

The Plan was completed in the Fall of 2011 and subsequently  endorsed by Governor Sam Brownback.  The name of the conveners was  shortened to the Kansans for Children in Nature (KCN).  Visit their  website at               The KCN Plan may also be found at the website for the Kansas  Association for Conservation and Environmental Education, the original host  site for the Kansans for Children in Nature information.

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