Ready or not, hunting seasons are coming

September 1 marks the opening of hunting seasons in Kansas, and the date is approaching fast. Once September gets here, the hunting season floodgates open with dove, teal, deer, greater prairie-chicken, and snipe seasons opening in quick succession. And while September can’t get here quickly enough for most hunters, there is much to do before it does.

First, go to where you can apply for Special Hunts, which offer limited hunter access to areas not normally open to hunting. The application deadline for hunts that occur in September and October is 9 a.m., August 14. The application deadline for hunts in November, December, January and February is 9 a.m., Sept. 25. More than 400 hunts are being offered through a lottery drawing, all of which ensure hunters enjoy high-quality hunting experiences.

While you’re at buy all your licenses and permits. You can also download the 2017 Kansas Hunting and Furharvesting Regulation Summary and 2017 Kansas Fall Hunting Atlas. Printed versions of each will be available by Sept. 1 at all Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism offices and hundreds of licenses vendors statewide. You can also request mailed copies by calling (620) 672-5911.

Once you have our licenses and permits, it’s time for some pre-season preparation and practice. Of course all your gear needs to be collected and examined before the seasons open. And more importantly, get out and practice shooting. Not only will pre-season practice make you more proficient but it will also help ensure that shotguns, bows, and rifles are in safe operating condition.

The best part about preparation is that it’s almost as fun as actually hunting, and it amps up anticipation of coming seasons. They’ll be here before you know it, so get out and get ready now.