Results: Which wildlife issues top your list?

By Collin O’Mara



Earlier this month, to celebrate National Wildlife Federation Membership Month, we asked supporters like you to vote for your top three wildlife issues.

Thousands of you responded, and we’re so grateful to be working side-by-side with such caring conservationists. Behind every great wildlife victory – from defending species from extinction to restoring waterways to protecting pristine habitat – is a caring supporter like you. Thank you.

Here are the results of the 2015 Membership Month Survey.

63%: Permanently protecting amazing wildlife habitat areas and wild lands especially in the 600 million acres of public lands in this country

52%: Stopping the destruction of crucial wildlife habitat from mining, agriculture and development

36%: Keeping our waters safe and healthy for wildlife like great blue heron, dolphin and orcas

33%: Helping endangered species like the red wolf, Hawaiian monk seal and manatee recover from the brink of extinction

32%: Combating runaway carbon pollution and other emissions that fuel climate change and harm wildlife

20%: Saving native grassland habitat and the milkweed that grows there for pollinators like monarch butterflies

19%: Restoring coastal water habitat for fragile wildlife like sea turtles, songbirds and horseshoe crabs

19%: Creating safe habitat havens so neighborhood wildlife from backyard birds to native bees can thrive in and around our cities and suburbs

15%: Restoring magnificent species like the American bison and bighorn sheep back to their native habitat

12%: Ensuring every child in our country has the opportunity to get outside and experience all of America’s wild places

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Comments

For this Membership Survey, you did more than vote. You shared your commitment to wildlife and the natural world through inspiring comments, like these:

“I want the wilderness, our waterways and the sea to remain clean & safe for all the birds, fish and wildlife.”

“My childhood memories of playing in the woods inspire me to speak out. All children should experience the joy of floating a leaf down a fresh water woodland stream and hearing tree frogs chirping the arrival of spring.”

“I care about everything that makes up nature and the wild; from the tiniest bug to the largest mammal, from the tiniest seedling to the largest tree.”

“To me it’s all important. I love being able to walk away from the noise and pollution of the city into a pristine wilderness whether desert, forest, mountain or beach.”

“Restore and protect our native ecosystems and wildlife! I am in the process of planting my whole yard with native plants. I spread the word when I can on the importance of planting native. Wildlife is dependent on it.”

“We need the beauty and the awe of wildlife and wild places in our lives to be the best human beings.”

It is clear that folks across the nation love supporting wildlife conservation. Thank you all for the thousands of responses; I commit to you that we will work hard every day to advocate for wildlife protection and speak for wildlife that can’t speak for themselves.

Again, thank you.

Learn more about wildlife and the natural world at our Protecting Wildlife Insiders Call on April 12th with NWF’s top scientist and celebrity naturalist.