Save Marbled Murrelets and Northern Spotted Owls

Take Action for the Northern Spotted Owl and Its Old-Growth Forest Habitat


The American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is asking for your help to protect old-growth forest habitat critically needed for endangered Northern Spotted Owls and Marbled Murrelets.

Please write to your Members of Congress and President Obama today and urge them to support stronger forest protection for the endangered Northern Spotted Owl and Marbled Murrelet. The owl and murrelet’s old growth forest habitat is at risk from a new federal management plan, and a logging rider in Congress.

The Bureau of Land Management has proposed to weaken President Clinton’s Northwest Forest Plan which was put in place twenty years ago to protect the owl’s habitat, and restore the old growth forest ecosystem. The plan is working to bring the forests back and slow the owl’s decline; its protections should be maintained.

Meanwhile, Congress is considering logging legislation that undermines wildlife protection and public involvement. Your voice is urgently needed in support of saving the threatened Northern Spotted Owl and Marbled Murrelet, and ensure that the many benefits of the Northwest Forest Plan, such as carbon storage and clean water supplies, are not lost.

Use the following link to go to ABC’s website to submit a letter to the important recipients who can influence the decisions being made regarding old-growth forests in the western U.S. Just enter your information and send your comments.;jsessionid=BBC6976B5F0070C05F7EC2F342807DCE.app203a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=197