State Park Cabins Serve as Ideal Base Camps for Hunters

Lodging at a comfortable state park cabin can save hunters money and time

Hunters have to factor in a lot of components when planning a hunt and one of the most important aspects focuses on timing. Whether you are figuring out what time to wake up, when to change locations, how soon to call an animal in, or even when you should shoot, it’s always better when a hunter has time on their side. State park cabins can offer hunters an affordable base camp that won’t require factoring in a ton of extra time for travel. Often located within just a few miles, some even within walking distance, of some of the state’s most popular public hunting areas, state park cabins are a great way to enjoy the outdoors long after shooting hours are over.

Offered in either “deluxe” or “sleeper” styles, state park cabins provide the flexibility that comes with lodging at a chain hotel, without the brand-name price. Depending upon the season and amenities offered, nightly fees vary from $35 to $110 and can sleep anywhere from four to ten adults. Deluxe cabins offer heating and air conditioning, a bathroom, shower, and often a furnished kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and coffee pot. Sleeper cabins are a little more rustic with fewer amenities, but are still equipped with heating and air conditioning, as well as electricity. Beds are included; however guests are required to bring their own linens.

Reservations can be made online at as far out as 364 days in advance and as soon as three days in advance. If booking on a Friday, cabins must be reserved for both Friday and Saturday, and cabins booked on a Saturday must be reserved for both Saturday and Sunday. Hunters wishing to make a reservation one to two days in advance my contact the nearest state park office for availability, or call (620) 672-5911 for assistance.

For more information on state park cabin locations and amenities, visit and click “State Parks / Reservations.”