Trapping seasons to close, running season opens

Beavers and otters may be trapped through March 31

The 2014 trapping season is coming to a close, and just as one season closes, another season will open. Beavers and otters may still be trapped through March 31, but the trapping season for other furbearers ended Feb. 15. On March 1, the running season, an eight-month period where hound owners and their dogs can practice their furbearer-chasing skills, opens and will run through Nov. 1. During this time, licensed furharvesters and their dogs can chase – but not take – bobcats, opossums, raccoons, red fox and gray fox.

Hunters can run furbearers 24 hours daily during the running season. Because no furbearer may be legally killed or taken during running season, it is illegal for runners to possess any firearms or weapons while pursuing furbearers, however certain exceptions apply.

Trappers pursuing beavers and otters through the end of trapping season are reminded that otters must be tagged within seven days of the close of the trapping season. The lower canine teeth shall also be surrendered to KDWPT at that time.

For details on current furbearer regulations and the upcoming running season, visit and click “Hunting/Hunting-Regulations/Furbearers.”