Utah’s state legislature is at it again


The Wilderness Society


A crisis is brewing in Utah, one that could have national repercussions if we don’t act immediately.


Utah‘s state legislature passed a bill in 2013 directing the federal government to turn over public lands to the state. This bill, the first of its kind, would allow the state to seize public lands we all share, cutting off our access to make room for more drilling and development.


Utah‘s bill is unconstitutional and therefore unenforceable, but they don’t care. So now they are spending millions of dollars in taxpayer money to explore their legal options. Utah’s actions set a dangerous precedent that if unchecked, could lead to other states taking similar actions. We can’t let that happen — our shared natural legacy is at stake.


Earlier this year, The Wilderness Society released a report showing that Idaho has sold 41% of the land it owns for development. That’s 1.7 million acres of state land lost forever. Newspapers wrote about it, state legislators were held accountable, and the public was shocked.


We can do it again in Utah. But we need your help. The total cost to research, write and produce such a report is just $7,350. Can you help us reach this goal to fund our work protecting wild public lands in Utah and across the country?


By taking a stand in Utah, we send a powerful message to all state legislatures and private interest groups around the country that we are watching, we won’t back down, and we will hold them accountable.


Help the Wilderness Society save Utah’s and all of America’s public lands.