Video cams nationwide offer nest observation opportunities

If you are interested in watching young bird behavior as they grow up, there are numerous websites available for your endless viewing. Check out these video cams.

Video Streaming Begins on American Kestrel Nest Box in Boise

Wild Birds Unlimited Presents Live Streaming Barred Owl Cam with Intimate Glimpse into Nesting Season –

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Missouri Falconcam Offers Bird’s-Eye-View of Chicks –

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Atlanta Peregrine Falcons on Live Stream

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For Pennsylvania Bald Eagle Cam Viewers, Egg Watch Has Begun

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New Peregrine Falcon Webcam in Downtown Baltimore

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Osprey has a Nest Full of Eggs!

Rachel and Steve, the beloved couple making their home on the Hog Island Osprey nest, have gotten back into the swing of things without missing a beat. After wintering apart 2600 miles away in South America, they reunited in Maine and began successfully mating, with Rachel laying three cream-colored eggs, wreathed and spotted in reddish brown.

We will add additional sites as they become available.