When should I take my hummingbird feeder down?

If you think you may have left your hummingbird feeder up too long in the fall, you can rest assured.  The hummingbirds know when it is time to migrate.  The directions on the feeder and prepared food box may state to leave up until September. That may hold true for Wyoming or North Dakota, but I doubt if it has any merit in Southern California.  Jerry Horak, a former Threatened/Endangered specialist for Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, stationed in the Emporia Research Office, gave me some sage advice many years ago.

Leave your feeders up for one week after you see your last hummer.

Hummingbirds in migration will be looking for those little snack stations for added boosts of energy during their southward journey.

Phil Taunton,

KVOE What’s in Outdoors

Southeast Kansas Regional Director of Kansas Wildlife Federation