Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission Approves Price Reduction for Youth Permits

Commission votes to significantly reduce resident and nonresident youth permit prices

At the public hearing conducted Oct. 17 in Hutchinson, the Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission approved several recommendations including one that will significantly reduce the price of resident and nonresident youth big game permits starting January 1, 2014. Youth permits approved for a price reduction include deer, turkey, and antelope. In other public hearing items, the commission approved a special provision that will prohibit anglers from fishing or collecting bait from fish ladders, or any artificial barrier or dam that facilitates the natural migration of fish upstream. This provision was recommended in an effort to reduce conflict between boaters and anglers using the same passage way.

Commissioners also approved a variety of changes to fishing regulations including a 13- to 18-inch slot limit for largemouth bass at Grand Osage Wildlife Area and Howard-Polk Daniels Lake. The 15-inch minimum length limit on spotted bass will also be removed at Howard-Polk Daniels Lake. Floatline fishing will now be allowed at Elk CityFall River, Glen Elder, and Lovewell reservoirs. A trout permit will be required for trout anglers at Meade State Fishing Lakefrom Nov. 1-April 15.

The last public hearing item presented to the commission included recommendations to change future turkey hunting regulations. Commissioners approved the creation of a youth/disabled season that will allow youth to hunt turkeys free of competition from April 1 to the first full weekend of the month starting with the 2015 spring season. Regular archery season will start the Monday following the youth/disabled season, and regular firearm season will start the Wednesday after the second Saturday. Bag limits for the fall turkey season will also be reduced in Units 3, 5, and 6 from four birds to one bird. Season dates for the spring 2014 turkey season will remain unchanged.

The next commission meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 9, 2014 at Southwestern College

100 College St.

, in Winfield.