Clean Energy Boycott Makes Sen. Inhofe Big Oil MVP

Clean Energy Boycott Makes Sen. Inhofe Big Oil MVP The National Wildlife Federation ( recently uncovered a little-known legislative scorecard and Voter Guide ( from the American Petroleum Institute, revealing Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) earned a perfect score from the oil industry’s top trade association last year. That news came as Sen. Inhofe organized a rare boycott as the top Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works ( Committee. Concerned that Republicans outside of his committee may be willing to craft a bipartisan compromise on energy legislation, Sen. Inhofe organized the Republican members of his committee to boycott last week’s markup of the Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act and obstruct the overall legislative process.

“Senator Inhofe has taken his team off the field before the real action has even started. Behind the scenes, you can be sure Big Oil is giving Sen. Inhofe a standing ovation,” said Jeremy Symons, senior vice president of the National Wildlife Federation. “The oil industry has led a multi-million dollar assault on clean energy and climate legislation to protect its profits at the expense of America’s energy security. Now, Sen. Inhofe is once again coming through in the clutch for Big Oil.” To commemorate ( Sen. Inhofe’s status, the National Wildlife Federation has issued a limited-edition trading card ( with some of Sen. Inhofe’s career milestones, including more than $2 million taken in contributions from Oil & Gas industry interests since the 1998 cycle. “The Clean Energy Jobs Act will ease our dependency on oil, create new jobs by investing in made-in-America clean energy, and reduce pollution to protect our children’s future,” said Jeremy Symons. “Senators should roll up their sleeves and show up to work on the energy reform America needs now.” Contact: Jeremy Symons, National Wildlife Federation, (202) 306-7902,