About KWF

The  Kansas Wildlife Federation is a 61-year old grassroots organization of hunters,  anglers and concerned wildlife conservationists dedicated to the sustainable  use, conservation, appreciation, and the restoration of our state’s wildlife  and natural environment.  We approach  this mission primarily from the perspective of hunting and fishing, which are  important traditions in Kansas. Over 500,000 hunters and anglers spend close to  one billion dollars in the state each year.

Mission: The  Kansas Wildlife Federation promotes hunting and fishing opportunities and  associated recreation for the benefit of all hunters and anglers.  KWF supports the sustainable use and  management of fish and wildlife and their habitats through education,  partnerships, outreach and policy oversight.

Through  its long history, KWF has achieved many conservation victories such as these  past examples and current activities.

Conserving & Protecting Wildlife & Habitat.

  • Supported the reintroduction of Golden Eagles to Kansas with a  release program developed in partnership with the Topeka Zoo, zoos across the  nation, Westar Energy and the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.
  • Worked with other environmental groups to keep water flowing into  Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge — world renown waterfowl  habitats and hunting grounds.
  • Contributed to the restoration of wetlands at Jamestown and Slate Creek  Wildlife Areas.

Advocating for Wildlife, Sportsmen & Outdoor Enthusiasts.

  • Evaluate and inform KWF members of legislation and regulations  before national and state Legislatures and environmental and natural resource  agencies.
  • Developed the Kansas Conservation Coalition, a statewide network  of Kansas conservation organizations to maximize wildlife benefits from the  federal Farm Bill and other state and federal programs.
  • As an affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation, KWF  represents its membership regarding positions established at its annual  meeting.
  • Supports the right to hunt and the development of voluntary  public access to hunting and fishing.
  • Supports the national initiative to restore the protections for wetlands,  streams and other waters under the Clean Water Act.

Informing & Educating.

  • Publishes KWF Outdoor Kansas, a bi-monthly newsletter  relating to conservation issues, fishing, hunting, and wildlife watching  activities.
  • Educates Kansas children about nature and outdoor skills at our  annual Outdoor Adventure Camp and other related events.
  • Since 1965, hosts the annual Conservation Achievements Program recognizing  individuals, organizations and businesses that have made significant  contributions toward the protection and wise use of Kansas’ natural resources.