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Monday, January 31 2005

Kansas State Rifle Association Auction

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Our friends over at the Kansas State Rifle Association send word that they’re putting on an auction to benefit their Foundation, and it looks like a doozy. Two hundred guns are up for bid along with hunting accessories, ammunition, reloading equipment, books, and other items.

The auction benefits the KSRA’s efforts to support junior shooting programs such as the Shooting Sports Camp, 4-H Regional and State Shooting Championship, State Daisy/Jaycee B.B Gun Championship, Intermediate/Advanced Junior Olympic Shooting and similar activities.

The auction bill says that the auction starts at 9am on Sunday, February 13, at the Carr Auction Gallery in Larned. There’s also a preview on Saturday, February 12 from 1-4pm, but no doubt you’ll be at the Kansas Wildlife Federation’s Annual Meeting that day.

For more information, including directions or to see the full bill of sale, go to the Carr Auction & Real Estate website.

Thursday, January 27 2005

The Dark Side of Wind Power

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A powerful combination of article and editorial from the Massachusetts paper, the North Adams Transcript. The Berkshire Hills are one of the many places in New England that have been targeted for commercial wind energy.

In Kansas, the issue of wind power is often portrayed as an issue of property rights. One key question in that regard is “what effect do my actions have on my neighbor’s property and its value?” Take a look at some of the quotes regarding the noise impact of wind turbine installations on their neighbors. Here’s one example:

In New York, Pastor Kathleen Danley lives two good-size fields from the Fenner wind-power plant, and describes the noise as “a loud clothes dryer; that would probably be the closest sound, that constant turning sound.”

She explains, “We were told that the windmills had been redesigned so as not to be noisy, but the grinding noise goes on 24 hours a day (when they are operating) and at times is far worse than other times.”

When people ask why wind turbines are incompatible with the Flint Hills, stories like these provide part of answer.

Tuesday, January 25 2005

Some important dates to keep in mind

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Here are some upcoming events that will be of interest to the sportsmen and women of Kansas:

  • On Saturday, February 12, KWF will be holding its Annual Meeting and its Conservation Awards Program at the Holidome in Manhattan. The Annual Meeting is open to all current KWF members, and this is where we’ll decide many of our organization’s stands on the issues we’ll face over the next 12 months. This is your organization too, so if you haven’t come to one of our annual meetings before, please come share your ideas.
  • That night, we’ll be having the Conservation Awards Program, which recognizes real life Kansas heroes who have been making a difference in the state. Come share in our celebration of people who are making Kansas an even better place to live.

  • On Tuesday, February 22, we’ll be having the Sportsmen’s Lobby Day. Anyone who’s gone hunting or fishing in Kansas is encouraged to come to Topeka, where we’ll be on the second floor rotunda. Your perspective of the management decisions made by state government officials is important. This is your opportunity to speak up for the outdoors.
  • The Sportsman’s Lobby Day is a joint effort between the Kansas Wildlife Federation, Audubon of Kansas, the Kansas Bowhunters Association, the Kansas chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, the Kansas State Rifle Association, and the Kansas Outfitters Association.

    For more information, call us at the Topeka office at 785-232-3238, or send an email to info@kswildlife.org.

    Monday, January 17 2005

    Prairie Chickens for days!

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    Steve Sorensen sends along this link to a picture of a field full of prairie-chickens.

    I can’t count that high, but Steve says there’s about 275 in the picture, which is a panorama of a field in the Flint Hills, near Allen.

    Friday, January 14 2005

    NRA targets hunters

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    The National Rifle Association has created a position dedicated to helping hunters. Dawson Hobbs, formerly a legislative liason for the Kansas Legislature, is now the NRA’s Manager of Hunting Policy.

    There’s lots of work to be done, and I’m sure the NRA can make really important contributions for America’s hunters. Hopefully they’ll be able to address the habitat issues that are causing great problems for the hunting and angling public.

    Wednesday, January 12 2005

    Pheasants at the end of the season

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    As we come up to the end of pheasant season, the weather’s getting worse and the birds that are left have become very wary.

    What to do? Great Plains Game & Fish has some ideas with an article titled “Ringnecks With Ph.D.s.”

    It’s long but read the whole thing; the article is full of unexpected tips that could make a real difference for you.

    Another state record

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    The Wichita Eagle brings us the news that a Leavenworth man may have taken the new state record buck for archery.

    Ron Ewert’s buck has been scored by Pope & Young at 266 2/8 inches.

    Wonder what they’re putting up in the water over by the Missouri border? In the past year we also had the state record paddlefish taken from over that way.

    Friday, January 7 2005

    Fishing and family

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    When we’re talking about state-wide policy, it’s easy to talk only about the big things, like the dollars spent by anglers, or the amount of water in the aquifers, or the number of acres in CRP.

    But at the end of the day, what we’re really talking about is the experiences that people have when they go outdoors, and the way that those experiences build traditions and draw families and friends together.

    Brent Frazee has a great example in this Kansas City Star columnabout a father-son team who have been fishing together for more than 40 years. They liked it enough to turn it into the family business. If you’re going to the Kansas City Sportshow, you just might see them.

    Thursday, January 6 2005

    Bad news for wind turbines

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    I’ve been in any number of hearings and meetings where I’ve seen people from the wind power industry say that the impact of commercial wind turbines on wildlife is insignificant.

    Two news articles in the past week beg to differ.

    From the Wichita Eagle we have this article: “Wind turbines decimate bats.” A study of wind turbines in West Virginia found thousands of bat dying as a result of the wind installations there. Why is that important?

    Bats serve an important role in nature, and their populations are thought to be in decline, scientists said. The bats getting killed in Appalachia devour insects that pose grave threats to crops such as corn and cotton. They also feast on pests that can spread disease, such as mosquitoes.

    Then yesterday’s USA Today carried this story: “Wind turbines taking toll on birds of prey”. The story tries to localize the raptor kills to the Altamont Pass, but in reality, most wind installations located in a migratory pathway are going to generate bird kills.

    There are places for wind turbines and places where they must not be. Kansas needs really siting requirements in place.

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