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Wednesday, September 21 2005

Tips for hunting the rut

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Kansas deer hunting shows up big again on ESPN.com’s Outdoors section. The main thrust of the article is on tree stand selection for maximum success during the rut, but us Kansans can’t help but notice - whether good, bad, or indifferent - the way that the rest of the nation is coming here for deer hunting.

Wednesday, September 14 2005

Your Kansas pheasant outlook

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ESPN Outdoors has this story on this year’s pheasant season outlook.

Things look quite good for Kansas, which is expected to have the third-largest pheasant harvest in the nation this year.

Senate: Keep the mercury pumping

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In the category of “Disappointing but not surprising” is this news from the United States Senate: on a vote of 51-47, the body voted to keep in place the EPA’s rules on mercury emisssions from power plants.

The rules set in place by the EPA are dangerously unaggressive, and over a 15 year period, will put hundreds of tons of mercury in our waters - four times as much as we would have to using the best available technology.

The battleground now really shifts to the state legislatures, which have the authority to require the technology Congress won’t.

Can you have a walleye tournament in September?

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Brent Frazee asks this $109,000 question in this story picked up by the San Jose Mercury News.

Milford Lake will host this year’s Professional Walleye Trail Mercury Marine Championship September 16-18. Congratulations to Geary County for landing this tournament and showing off Kansas!

However, some people are anticipating a rough go:

“I can tell this is going to be a tough tournament,” said Good, 50, who lives in Brainerd, Minn. “The locals all say this is the worst time of the year for walleye fishing.

“Part of it has to do with there being so much food in the water right now - all the young-of-the-year fish. And then, this is a transition time. The fish are moving from the deeper water to shallower water.

That sounds difficult. Still, there’s a reason why these guys are professionals: they catch fish when people like me can’t. Besides, it can’t possibly be as bad as the infamous Pittsburgh Bass Tournmanent.

Wednesday, September 7 2005

Hurricane Katrina and wetlands

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The Kansas Wildlife Federation encourages all Americans to step forward and help our fellow citizens put their lives back together after Hurricane Katrina.

Going forward, we need to realize we have ways to lessen the impact storms like these have, through better management of our coastal wetland areas.

Wetlands have immense value, not just to fish and wildlife, but to human civilization. The services these areas perform for us include groundwater recharge here in Kansas, flood control, water filtration, as well as recreation. For hurricanes in particular, wetlands act as “speed bumps”, subtracting energy from the storm.

One of America’s largest wetlands complexes is in Louisiana, and that has been shrinking for years, largely due to silt being channeled out to the Gulf of Mexico by flood control projects.

MSNBC has this terrific story on the interaction between wetland loss and hurricane severity. Likewise, CNN has this story on the work ahead of us to restore Louisiana’s wetlands.

Our sister organization, the National Wildlife Federation, has much more on their work to restore this great marsh.

Thursday, September 1 2005

Remembering Harold Ensley

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It’s appropriate for us to mark the passing of Harold Ensley, The Sportsman’s Friend.

Mr. Ensley was a pioneer of outdoor broadcasting, one of the inventors of the medium. The business of companies like the Outdoor Life Network owe a great deal to Mr. Ensley.

But even more than that, Mr. Ensley passionately loved the outdoors and wanted to share that with us. It’s people like him who have made hunting and fishing beloved traditions in Kansas, and we have a lot to celebrate in this state because of his efforts and the efforts of those he inspired.

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