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Thursday, November 18 2004

Peak days for deer-car collisions

One of the issues that always comes up during a discussion of deer hunting laws is the subject of deer-car collisions. These incidents in Kansas seem to peak about November 17 of each year, so this is the prime time for caution and high-beams.

This story from the Lawrence Journal-World has good information, not only on how to avoid the collisions, but why this is such a hot issue in the state. Looking at the table that accompanies the story, the rate of deer-car accidents doubled in just ten years.

Kansas roads are safer than some states and more dangerous than others. Drivers in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Missouri contend with larger deer populations than we do, and have more drivers on the roads, yet have fewer accidents.

Of particular note is this piece of advice:

Don’t swerve to avoid a collision with a deer. The most serious accidents occur when motorists are taking evasive action.

Remembering that in the actual moment, of course, is something else entirely.

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