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Tuesday, June 7 2005

Streamside fishing in Kansas!

With gas back at $2 a gallon and with no relief in sight, boat fishing may have to take a back seat for some folks. If you’re like me and never learned to fish with a boat, it wouldn’t matter, except that Kansas is not really known for its streamside fishing.

But perhaps that’s changing, as the past week brought a mini-Renaissance of streamside fishing stories for the Sunflower State:

The Kansas City Star carries this story about Emporia fishing guide Bill Hartman who has started a fly-fishing guiding service called, appropriately enough, Fly Fish Kansas. Bill offers full day trips at $200 and half-day trips at $115, all-inclusive. Take a look at the story; you just may want to give him a call. If you get asked for email and password to view the story, use “register@kswildlife.org” and “Topeka1″ for the password.

Michael Pearce in the Wichita Eagle has two great stories on the same topic in his Sunday Outdoors page. The first one tells of his experiences landing 70 fish in one day’s worth of fly-fishing in Thurman Creek.

The other entry details 30 miles of public access to streambank fishing in Kansas. The list only includes clear water streams; if you’re willing to put on the stink bait and get into the murky water, there’s miles more of river available to you.

Lastly, the Lawrence Journal-World carries this story on a new fly-fishing business in town. So why drive to Cabela’s, which doesn’t have the passion for fly fishing, when you can go this store?

If you’re looking for fly-fishing stores, don’t forget the good folks at Chapman Creek Fly & Tackle, just off I-70 west of Junction City. If you’re planning to fish anywhere in the Milford area, those folks will hook you up with the equipment and the latest knowledge about what’s happening. They’re also good supporters of conservation and youth education.

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