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Friday, May 7 2004

If Only There Were More Like Him….

Steve Sorensen sends this news along from the Kansas Wildlife Officers Association. No link, so I’ll quote the whole thing:


Long-time dedication to natural resource law cited

At the Kansas Wildlife and Parks annual law enforcement in-service training in Salina last March, Magistrate Judge Adrian Lapka, Minneapolis, received an award of appreciation from the Kansas Wildlife Officers Association. Judge Lapka received his recognition plaque for his years of support to the natural resources of Kansas while serving as magistrate judge of Ottawa and Saline counties.

“Judge Lapka has a history of solid judgments against wildlife violators who are found guilty in his courts,” says local natural resource officer Greg Salisbury, who nominated Lapka for his award. “Judge Lapka levies appropriate fines to those who harm the natural resources of the state of Kansas.”

Magistrate Judge William Barker of Abilene also received recognition from the Kansas Wildlife Officers Association.

For me, the critical point is in the second paragraph. The fact that the judge stands out for levying appropriate fines not only says good things about him, but also why Kansas has a problem with poaching and illegal hunting.

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